Tommy Barletta: Governmental Affairs Advisor to Startups (218)

Mr. Barletta is the founder of an advisory firm based in Washington DC called Jones Point. The firm possesses a […]

DelNova: Addressing complications from Botox (217)

DelNova, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on addressing unmet medical needs. DelNova is resolving complications arising from botulinum toxin […]

ParaNano: Applying nano technology to wound care (216)

ParaNano Wound Care (PWC) solves a global problem in treatment of infection in chronic wounds: detection, notification, and early intervention. […]

CadexGenomics: Taking the Fight to Stage 4 Cancer (215)

The Cadex Genomics mission and passion is to improve the lives of cancer patients. They have developed a novel, blood-based […]

ScriptChain: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Chronic Heart Related Issues (214)

ScriptChain is a digital health platform that sits on top of EHR systems and requests patient medical data from the […]

Getting Why Right: Colorado Medical Society (213)

Bryan Campbell leads the Colorado Medical Society and started of his mission going back to the fundamental question of why […]

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