David Kay, MD: Orthopedic Surgeon and Prolific Entrepreneur (232)

Dr. Kay is a Foot & Ankle surgeon based in Ohio. Like many physicians, he and his colleagues saw better ways to treat patients and…

Pacific Echelon Security Services: Innovation & Hyper Growth in Physical Security (230)

Alex Stone is the Founder/CEO of Pacific Echelon Security Services, one of the fastest growing security companies in the United States. The company is based…

TearSolutions: Naturally Treating Dry Eye (225)

earSolutions’ lead product, called Lacripep, delivers what no other approved or pipeline drug has been able to: rapid healing of […]

Sage Medical: Bringing Intelligence to Medical Coding & Billing (224)

With Sage’s AI Driven Medical Coding, Billing and Dictation, practitioners are eliminating the costly overhead of a medical coder while […]

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